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Strongman Sport is a sport that tests the strength of competitors through a wide variety of events. They include lifting similar to powerlifting, but also lifting, carrying or throwing irregular objects (large stones, sandbags, barrels, logs, etc.).

The historical roots of the sport lie in a large number of traditional strength competitions from around the world. In its modern form, the sport was first introduced in 1977, through the first race  World's Strongest Man, organized on behalf of the American television channel CBS.

In recent years the sport of Strongman has shown rapid growth both at professional and amateur level, while one of the iconic figures of the sport, the Icelandic Hafthor Julius Bjornsson became famous to the general public through his role in the very successful TV series Game of Thrones.

Strongman training involves developing strength both inside  the gym and outside using identical training equipment to the competition. In the gym, developing full-body strength is essential, especially with variations of the squat, deadlift, and shoulder press. An important parameter of training programs is power, cardiorespiratory endurance and the development of grip strength.

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