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Personal training is the service where you have the opportunity to work out individually and personally with the physical education teacher (PET).

The benefits of this service are manifold. You are exclusively supervised by the PET, injuries are avoided, there is a variety of exercises and programs, the exercise is more intense, with a deepening of the goal and detailed guidance towards it.

The service is offered in the large, fully equipped gym room and each training session lasts 55 minutes.


If you choose personal training, you must pass an interview to obtain a medical-training history and measurement of anthropometric characteristics, provide the necessary documents (cardiologist's certificate, photocopy of ID and additional tests if deemed necessary) and pre pay the membership. Your personal information that we collect is kept on the basis of the new personal data protection regulation of the European Union.

In addition, in order to monitor your progress, we make you ergometric measurements in the basic parameters of the physical condition and we repeat them monthly or whenever it is deemed necessary based on the target setting or the judgment of the PET.

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